The 3 Most Common Types Of LinkedIn DMs You'll Receive

financial advisor linkedin prospecting prospecting tips Sep 15, 2022
The 3 Most Common Types Of  LinkedIn DMs You'll Receive

The 3 most common types of LinkedIn DMs you'll receive:

1. The Direct Pitch - this is where someone tries to sell you their product/service right away.

2. The Consultative Questioning - this is where a new connection leads with a specific question about YOU to get a conversation started.

3. The Unclear Beginning - this is where someone says a few words that are meaningless, and they don't explain why they wanted to connect.

Now, which option do you HONESTLY prefer when someone sends a Connection Request to you?

If you're like most, you prefer #2 as opposed to the other options.

Why? Because it's not pushy AND it's specific.

So, why is this important to you as a Financial Advisor prospecting on LinkedIn?

It's important because a lot of Financial Advisors go with option 1 (the Direct Pitch) and fail miserably with it because they're just being a pushy salesperson.

I might just be a random stranger to you, but I've made 30,000+ prospecting contacts on LinkedIn, and this has proved to me that option #2 is the best to lead with.

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