4 Weekly Changes That Have Helped My Business

entrepreneurship financial professionals online prospecting sales tips Oct 19, 2022
4 Weekly Changes That Have Helped My Business

4 weekly changes that have helped my business lately:

1. Responding to about 215 LinkedIn DMs each week - some of which are Hubspot follow-up Tasks that were due in our CRM to be completed. This has allowed me to reengage with older prospects who are a good fit and who I haven't talked with in months (or over a year).

2. KNOWING in my mind that MOST LinkedIn DMs I respond to (most prospects) will NOT convert into paying clients. This is okay - most people are NOT a quality fit, AND the more DMs you respond to, the better you get at prospecting.

3. Adding more value during intro calls with prospects. For example, our IDEAL client has an assistant who can respond to their LinkedIn DMs on their behalf, so helping our prospects know WHY an assistant would be beneficial, HOW they would find an assistant, and HOW they would manage the assistant are 3 tactical ways to add value to our prospects before our prospect pays us a single dollar.

4. Dedicating 1.5 hours each Thursday to create 5 weekly LinkedIn posts for the upcoming week. This has directly converted into a few qualified leads for me over the past month, and those intro calls feel so natural because the prospect are knows a lot about who you are as a person.

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