Are BIG Goals Counter Productive?

financial advisors prospecting tips sales Jul 15, 2022

This is controversial: 

BIG goals are COUNTER-productive. Here's how: 

Let's say that your BIG goal is to bring in 20 clients this month. But last month you only brought in 3 clients. 

The month before, you only brought in 2 clients. And three months ago, you only brought in 1 client. So, between those 3 months, you're averaging 2 clients per month (6 clients total). 

So, to be honest with yourself, if you're averaging 2 clients per month, HOW do you expect to 10x your results all of a sudden? 

So, rather than jumping from 2 clients per month to 20 this month, why not aim for 5 clients this month? 

Once you hit that goal, why not aim for 7 clients? Then 10? Then 13? Then 16, and so on... It often sucks to fail miserably on a goal. So, why fail month after month after month? 

It's good to stretch yourself, but you also need a tactical game plan for HOW you're going to achieve your goal(s). Keep in mind, that this is NOT a post to discourage you.  

If anything, this is a post to CHALLENGE you to find ways to make your BIG goals ACTUALLY happen.

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