Ask Better Questions, Get More Clients

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Ask Better Questions, Get More Clients

Ask better questions, get more clients.

What if finding "perfect" prospects came down to the quality of the questions you're asking INSTEAD of finding the "perfect" prospect?

For example, compare these two questions below:

1. What kind of financial education were you given growing up and what were you not taught that you wish you were educated on?

2. How about we jump on a call to see how I can help you with retirement planning?

Which question do you think would create a better response from your prospect?

Obviously, question #1 because:

• It's not sales-focused
• It's specific, not vague
• It gets your prospect to talk about themselves - we love to talk about ourselves
• It gives you "ammunition" to further continue the conversation with this prospect based on the information they provide you with

So if you're struggling to close new business here on LinkedIn, look back at previous conversations of yours and analyze the questions you're asking.

If you're not asking good questions, you won't get detailed answers. If you don't get detailed answers, you'll never be able to solve the CORE problem that your prospect has.

🔵 Someone needs to be AWARE of their problem BEFORE you can attempt to solve their problem.

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