Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask

entrepreneurship financial advisors sales tips Sep 28, 2022
Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask

Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask. Ask.

Yes, it can be awkward to ask for the sale.

Yes, your gut might be telling you not to do it.

Yes, your prospect might not SEEM interested.

But you are never 100% certain if a prospect is interested or not UNLESS you ASK.

Personally, I track each "ask" I make on a call to hold myself accountable, and I recommend that you do the same.

For example, when I'm on calls weekly, my goal is to make an "ask" on 90% of the calls I'm on. So, if I'm on 10 calls, I need to make 9 "asks" (I call them Asks to Actions) to schedule the next call, get the prospect to become a client, etc.

This way, I have a DEFINITIVE number to track if my week was a success or failure based on the work that I PERSONALLY do.. The actions I PERSONALLY take.

So, my success isn't based on whether a prospect says yes or no to me, which is out of my control. My success is based on MY actions (or lack thereof).

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