Branding Is A Joke, Right?

financial professional linkedin prospecting personal branding Aug 14, 2022

Branding is a joke, right?


A national research study conducted by Brand Builders Group reveals that Americans believe it's important for Financial Advisors to have an established PERSONAL brand. 

Notice how this study says "personal" rather than "company". 

Another key insight from the study: "58% of Americans would be willing to pay more to receive their services from a professional who does NOT work at a large company but has an established personal brand."

Americans want to work with REAL human beings, not just another large company with a ton of branding dollars. 

They want someone who will help them when they need assistance. 

Someone who is there, available to them, who cares about them. 

Again, thank you to Rory Vaden, for the great work he does. 

Follow his content to get better at branding yourself on a personal level to help grow your business.

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