Can We Wait Until The New Year To Get Started?

financial advisors linkedin prospecting prospecting online success mindset Nov 10, 2022
Can We Wait Until The New Year To Get Started?

"Can we wait until the new year to get started?"

No. We can't.

If your prospects really want to change their life for the better, most of them should start NOW, not in 2-3 months.

Why? Because most people don't just wait 2-3 months to make major changes in their life.

Most NEVER make those major, necessary changes.

They're too afraid, and they lack a confident, firm salesperson (you) in their life to make it clear to them that "pushing things off" leads to a life of regret.

If your prospects don't make changes now, 2023 will be the EXACT same type of year for them that 2022 was.

And for most, that's a life filled with stress, resentment, and confusion.

Now. Not later.

Don't let them fall back on their excuses.

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