Can You Close New Business On LinkedIn In 2 Weeks?

entrepreneurship linkedin prospecting prospecting tips Jun 24, 2022

You wouldn't expect to lose 45 pounds in 2 weeks. 

So don't expect to close new business on LinkedIn in 2 weeks. 

Far too often, I run across financial reps who need extra income ASAP, and they think LinkedIn will be their magic solution. 

It isn't. 

LinkedIn is an incredible long-term play. You have MILLIONS of prospects to contact, and you can talk to them more efficiently than cold calling and/or trying to meet in person. 

BUT, this doesn't mean LinkedIn is going to generate you $5,000 extra in income this month simply from you doing 1-2 weeks of work. 

In fact, almost NOTHING will get you results after immediately starting. But that's why I recommend you to start NOW. 

• Start making the prospecting contacts NOW
• Start posting content NOW
• Start engaging (liking/commenting) with others' posts NOW 

If you start NOW and do the daily work consistently, the results will come. 

The results often won't come as quickly as you'd hoped for, in case someone hasn't told you yet.

Want to see how our clients are contacting 1,100+ new people each month and are receiving a 54% response rate on LinkedIn? 

Yes I Do