Do Not Justify Your Prospects' Excuses

entrepreneurship prospecting tips sales Aug 26, 2022

"That's fair."
"You're right."

Do NOT justify your prospects' excuses.

For example, if your prospect tells you, "Your prices are too high.", and you respond with "That's fair.", all you're doing is validating their objection.

And if you validate their objection, you're giving them permission to continue relying on that objection (excuse) as to why NOT to work with you.

Now, I am NOT telling you to argue with your prospect.

So responding to their objection with something like "That's wrong." is no bueno.

Instead, I'm recommending that you CHALLENGE your prospects' way of thinking.

• Prospect thinks your prices are too high - Okay, why do they believe that? As the saying goes, price is only an issue in the absence of value. So, if they think your prices are too high, they do not BELIEVE they will be ROI positive.

• Prospect says that sales is too pushy - What kind of experience have they had in sales before? What was the sales atmosphere like IF they have worked in sales? There are many, MANY ways to sell, and not all are "pushy".

You get the point. Instead of agreeing with your prospect and/or validating their objection, dig a bit deeper to better understand the CORE (root) reason for why they're hesitant.

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