Ever Had A Prospect Blow You Off After A Great Introduction Call?

financial professionals prospecting tips sales Sep 21, 2022
Ever Had A Prospect Blow You Off After A Great Introduction Call?

Have you ever had a prospect blow you off after a GREAT introduction call?

Meaning, everything was going great and then the prospect got very cold and distant with you?

Perhaps it's because of the "secret" decision maker you didn't consider.

Their spouse/partner.

You see, many of us think we've done a great job of CLOSING, even though we haven't closed the deal quite yet.

Let's replay the process with this prospect...

You found the prospect on LinkedIn.

You chatted a bit and figured out that they could use your help.

You had an awesome introduction call & learned a bit about each other.

You even agreed to meet in 2 days for your closing call to work together.

And then you received a "Hey, I'm going to need to cancel our meeting, now isn't the best time." message from your prospect.

And it's extremely frustrating.

So, what's the solution?

Practice handling objections like this BEFORE you're in the live situation with prospects.

For example, practice mentioning the "elephant in the room" while ON the introduction call by saying something like, "Hey, before we schedule the closing call, is there another decision maker who needs to be on that call so that there's no confusion?"

The better you plan ahead, the less friction you'll face when it comes to actually closing the new business.

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