Ever Heard This From Your Prospect?

financial representatives prospecting online prospecting tips success mindset Oct 04, 2022
Ever Heard This From  Your Prospect?

Ever heard this from your prospect?

"How about you follow up with me in 30 days?"

...uh... how about no? That's 8% of an entire year 😂

Next time a prospect asks you to follow up in 30 days, push back a bit.

Try to meet them halfway to make it "fair".

For example, you can say something like:

"Almost every time a prospect wants me to wait 30 days to follow up, they completely lose interest by the time I reach back out, so how about we compromise a bit to make it fair? Most decisions don't take more than a couple of days, so how about we jump on a call in 2-3 days to check back in? Deal?"

Notice an important word in the above response, too.


We all want what's fair, and your prospects understand that an agreement should be fair and reasonable for BOTH parties involved - you AND them.

So whenever a prospect tells you to wait around for a while (weeks/months/years), create some tension and push back a bit to gauge how serious they are.

The worst-case scenario is the prospect tells you that what you're offering isn't a priority right now, and that'll allow you to spend your valuable time following up with prospects who ARE interested RIGHT NOW, rather than those who aren't.

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