Ever Heard This Response From Someone?

education financial advisors online prospecting Nov 22, 2022
Ever Heard This Response From Someone?

Ever heard the below response from someone?

"I'm not interested, but I'll reach out if that changes."

And let me guess...

No one has ever reached out after they told you they would, right?

They just forget about you because you're just another random stranger to them.

So to counteract this passive objection from someone, I like to respond with the below message.

"You'd forget about me if you ever changed your mind, my friend! When is a better time to message you in Month 1/Month 2?"

This response is beneficial in 3 ways:

  1. You're calling out the obvious (that they'll forget about you), which they also know is true deep down.
  2. You're being direct by asking them when is best to follow up.
  3. You're asking them when is the best time to follow up within a 2-month time frame, RATHER than the random time frame they would give you if you just asked, "When should I follow up with you?"

If you know you are trying to do what is in your prospects' best interests, push back on them a bit and challenge their way of thinking & responding to you.

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