Giving The Prospect Too Much Time To "Think On It"

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Giving The Prospect Too Much Time To

Found a qualified prospect on LinkedIn.

Great LinkedIn Direct Message (DM) conversation.

Great introduction call.

Scheduled the closing call while on the intro call.

Prospect rescheduled the closing call to a different day.

Prospect no shows the rescheduled closing call.

That's a sequence I've been through many times in my sales career, and it's annoying as HELL each time.

I'd love to act all tough and say it doesn't get to me still, but it does.

But you know what?

It's my fault.

I am to blame for giving the prospect too much time to "think on it".

Prospects don't need weeks or months to "think on it" if they are the single decision-maker.

They need a few hours or a couple of days at MOST.

Close the deal or move on.

Stop giving them time to "think on it", which is really just an excuse for them to be indirect and completely ghost you.

PS - Being a grown-ass adult and not showing up to an agreed-upon call is so pathetic.

If you've ever done this, get it together.

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