Habits > Goals

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Habits > Goals

Habits > goals

Habits represent your daily actions, and goals represent the end result.

For example...

Habit: Send 50 LinkedIn Invites every single day to ideal prospects
Goal: Get 15 Intro calls scheduled

Habit: Ask 100 people to join my newsletter
Goal: Get 35 extra newsletter subscribers

Goals are great - they're something to strive for.

But habits are what get you from point A to point B.

To put it a different way, you can actually control your habits (the effort you put in), but you can't completely control your goals (the byproduct of your work).

What's one daily habit you've recently started?

Last month, I responded to AT LEAST 15 LinkedIn Direct Messages (DMs) every single day of the week, and let's just say it led to A LOT of calls scheduled.

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