How Much Work Goes Into Quality LinkedIn Content?

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How Much Work Goes Into Quality LinkedIn Content?

Too many people don't understand how much work goes into quality LinkedIn content.

So here's some behind-the-scenes information about what I do weekly:

1. I write the rough draft of my LinkedIn post in Trello.

2. I read through the rough draft, and make some edits on the wording, sentence structure, etc.

3. Then I read through a second time and make some more edits.

4. Then I read through it a third time to make sure there are no mistakes.

5. After, I put the post into Buffer so that it's automatically posted when it needs to be posted. (I'm not a morning person, so sometimes my content is posted before I even wake up, haha)

What you see on LinkedIn is the final draft of a VERY edited piece of content that took me 10-20 minutes to create.

Yes, ONE post for ONE day can take up to 20 minutes to create, if not longer if you use graphics, videos, etc.

All content creators can act like they're some gifted genius who puts together a viral post in 2 minutes or less, but that just isn't the truth for 99% of people.

Instead, we can accept the FACT that success takes HARD, DETAIL-ORIENTED work.

So if you ever feel like you're not good enough or skilled enough just because you do things "slow" or things such as posting content "take you a while", join the club.

I've been there, too, and sometimes still feel that way.

Most of us are only in the position we're in because we took the time to put in the hard work over YEARS to get here.

It doesn't take days or weeks, or even months to build momentum. It often takes a year or more.

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