How Posting More Content Each Week Increased My Engagement?

financial representative online prospecting social media prospecting Aug 25, 2022

I started posting more content each week, and my engagement increased.

Go figure.

It's almost as if prospects seeing your name & face more often helps them know, like, and trust you quicker...

... How bizarre...

As Alex Hormozi talks about, sometimes all you gotta do is increase your output (the amount of activity/volume, you do).

And as Grant Cardone says, "The #1 reason why small businesses fail is obscurity."

Increase your volume, which will lead to higher awareness. Higher awareness leads to developing a larger & stronger follower base.

↑ Volume ➡️ ↑ Awareness ➡️ ↑ Stronger brand & reputation

Hint: Make sure your content remains high-quality when you start posting more, too. Posting alone isn't enough if your content sucks.

Sometimes you have to stop reinventing the wheel by trying something new and just double down on what's worked for you.

Once you figure out what works, do more of it.


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