I Finished Another 1-month Social Media Detox

Feb 27, 2023
I Finished Another 1-month  Social Media Detox

So I finished another 1-month social media detox.

And I must say…

It was damn refreshing.

This is my fourth social media detox of 30+ days, so you might not think it was THAT life-changing.

But it was.

Below are my 3 major takeaways:

1. The first week is hard.

You’re VERY bored and feel withdrawal symptoms.

In your down time, you check your phone nonstop expecting to get a “quick hit” of dopamine to keep you entertained.

To cope with this, read a book, call a friend, or just sit with your thoughts to better understand how you think.

2. It’s healthy to be bored.

If you’re often anxious, it’s because you’re used to checking your phone every 5 minutes.

If you're often depressed, it might be because you’re used to comparing yourself to others on social media. Comparing yourself all day, every day.

We recharge our brain by giving it room to think. Being bored is a GOOD thing.

3. I had another major breakthrough.

EACH social media detox I have done, I’ve went through a major life change.

The first detox (2017) accidentally got me into entrepreneurship.

The third detox (2020) got me using a software that completely changed my business.

This fourth detox (2023) I reached a new phase in my business journey.

If you haven’t yet, try out a 30-day (1 month) social media detox.

It’s worth it, I promise. And you won’t miss out on as much as you think you will.

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