Is Your Game Plan Clear?

entrepreneurship finacial advisors sales tips Sep 08, 2022
Is Your Game Plan Clear?

Is your game plan clear?

Like, do you actually know EXACTLY what work and how much of it to be doing each day?

Or are you just guessing?

Let me explain...

1. Failure salesperson:

I want 10 new clients.

🔴 Confusion about daily actions > 10 new clients

(hint: they don't get the 10 new clients)

2. Successful salesperson:

I want 10 new clients this month. Since I close on about 25% of my calls, I need to be on 40 calls. And I schedule a call from 20% of my LinkedIn DMs, I need to respond to 200 DMs.

🔵 200 LinkedIn DMs > 40 calls > 10 new clients

You can NOT expect to consistently hit your goals if you do NOT understand what DAILY action(s) you need to take in order to achieve your goal.

Most of US don't do the DAILY work to get to where we want to be.

If you aren't achieving your goals, YOU are at fault.

So either get it together, take accountability, and figure out what DAILY action(s) to take, or keep failing.

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