It Doesn’t Matter How Good Your Intro Call Goes If You Don’t Close The Deal

financial professionals prospecting online sales tips Oct 25, 2022
It Doesn’t Matter How Good Your Intro Call Goes If You Don’t Close The Deal

It doesn’t matter how good your intro call goes if you don’t close the deal.

You know what I'm talking about, too.

You get the prospect on the intro call, and while on the call, you two are joking around, having a great time. At the end of the call, they agree to schedule a closing call with you at a later date.

Then, things take a negative turn on the day of the closing call:

- They cancel your meeting 3 minutes before it was scheduled to begin
- Or they no-show the meeting and don't reach out to tell you why
- Or they are distant and cold when they get on a call with you

All 3 of these suck. They really do. But fortunately, they are preventable (most of the time)

Below are 3 bad tendencies that have caused me to lose many potential clients:

- Being too friendly (trying to be too likable) instead of being direct & honest with them, which is what they often need to hear
- Allowing prospects to set a closing call date weeks/months after our intro call (when they have too much time to "think on it", doubt creeps in)
- Wasting too much time talking "small talk" (their sports team, personal life, etc.), which takes away time from discovering how to solve their problems/pain points

I'm a big advocate of building relationships with prospects, so you should be friendly, you shouldn't force a close, and you should make a bit of small talk to get to know your prospect.

But know the fine line between "enough" and "too much".

It's the difference between closing a deal and not closing a deal, and that can make a MASSIVE difference in your income.

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