Learn To Shut The Door On Some Of Your Prospects

financial representatives linkedin prospecting sales tips Dec 20, 2022
Learn To Shut The Door On Some  Of Your Prospects

Learn to shut the door on some of your prospects.

As in, learn when to tell them they aren't a good fit for you.

It isn't easy at first (it's hard as hell at first), but it's what needs to be done.

Think about the hope you've lost and the disappointment you've felt from waiting weeks or months on a prospect to finally work with you and EVERY SINGLE TIME you follow up, they try pushing off their decision to a later date.

It's unhealthy for you to give your valuable time to someone who is so indecisive and DISrespectful of your time & value.


Is it their obligation to work with you? No.

But it also isn't your obligation to be their last resort AFTER nothing else works for them.

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