Messaging Over LinkedIn DMs Is NO Different From Talking In Person

financial professional linkedin prospecting prospecting tips Aug 10, 2022

Messaging over LinkedIn DMs is NO different from talking in person

So throw your weird, formal greetings out completely.

Such as...

- "Hello"
- "Dear Mrs."
- "Hello Sir"
- "Greetings Miss" 

We're in 2022. Not 1965.

"Formal" is no longer the main focus in business.

Being REAL is the focus.

Being AUTHENTIC to who you are as a person is what matters.

Authenticity is the way to build a true connection with your prospects.

Type the way you talk.

Otherwise, it'll be an awkward conversation when you finally do meet them in-person or face-to-face over a Zoom call.

And keep in mind, people PREFER casual. That way, it feels less like "work".

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