Making Over 30,000 Prospecting Contacts Has Taught Me This!

linkedin prospecting tips sales Aug 04, 2022

Making over 30,000 prospecting contacts has taught me a thing or two.

If I could do it all over, here are the top 5 prospecting mistakes I'd avoid:

Mistake #1: Trying too hard to be agreeable.

To build a long-term business, it's okay to be polarizing. Meaning, it's OKAY for people to NOT like you.

Don't compromise what's important to you just for another bad client.

Mistake #2: Making small talk.

No successful business professional cares to make small talk with you on LinkedIn.

They'd rather be on a date with their spouse, golfing with their friends, watching their favorite college football team, or pretty much ANYTHING other than making small talk with you.

Mistake #3: Thinking everyone is an ideal prospect.

MOST people aren't an ideal prospect for you, and that's okay.

It's actually easier to gain traction and build a successful business by obsessing over ONE very particular group of people. This allows you to stop wasting time with anyone who isn't a perfect fit.

Mistake #4: Trying to sell something that your ideal prospect doesn't want.

For example, I tried selling 1-on-1 coaching to Financial Advisors for over 1 year, and it was... tough... to say the least...

Once I started selling Lead Generation, everything changed.

For example, if you aren't focused on Fee-Based business for your financial advising clients, give it a try. I bet it could change your business drastically.

Mistake #5: Doing my prospecting manually for too long.

Automation, genuinely, is a game-changer if done the right way.

If you're a Financial Advisor and are still looking to find new clients, ask me about how beneficial automation on LinkedIn can be for you.

It can work wonders, trust me.

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