Maybe You're Trying To Schedule An Intro Call Too Soon?

financial representatives financial services online prospecting sales tips Dec 05, 2022
Maybe You're Trying To Schedule An  Intro Call Too Soon?

Maybe you're trying to schedule an intro call too soon?

As in, trying to schedule a call RIGHT when a prospect shows some interest.

But the potential issue with that is...

Just because a prospect is willing to meet with you doesn't mean you SHOULD set up a call.

Ask yourself these questions BEFORE scheduling a call:

• Does the prospect know exactly WHY we are meeting for a call?
• Is a call the best use of time for both me and the prospect?
• Is this prospect a decision-maker?
• Is the prospect a QUALITY fit for my business?
• Has the prospect seemed genuinely interested so far?

I know it adds to your "stats" to get another call scheduled, but it could end up being a complete waste of time if it's not a good fit.

So qualify your prospects over LinkedIn Direct Messages (DMs) and THEN schedule a call once you know it'll be a good use of time.

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