Not Using Your CRM Regularly Is Preventing You From Making More Money

financial representatives prospecting tips sales Sep 29, 2022

Not using your CRM regularly is preventing you from making more money.

I've heard a study which mentioned that only 3% of buyers are ready to make a purchase when you first reach out to them.


So what do you do with the other 97%?

Leave them for your competition?

Sadly, that's what most of you are doing.

The fact is, a lot of you are upset when people say no to you, so you give up on them and forget about them.

You don't add them to your CRM, and because of this, you don't follow up with them in a few weeks or months.

But based on the study above, if 9/10 people reject you right away, that's NORMAL.

And if only 8/10 reject you, you're actually ABOVE average.

So, if MOST people aren't ready to buy when you first reach out, EXPECT that you will NEED to follow up with them if you ever want them to do business with you.

The facts show that it's crazy not to be using your CRM regularly as part of your sales process.

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