Outbound Marketing VS Inbound Marketing: Which Is Better?

financial services prospecting tips sales May 27, 2022

Short answer...

Outbound marketing is better than inbound marketing!

At least, in terms of response times.

Why's that?

Because, with Outbound, you are deliberately reaching out to your prospects which prompts them to respond.

If you know who your target market is and you can reach them, you're already on the path to generating results quickly. 

With Inbound, your prospects respond on their own time, so you're not as in control of the conversation.

Plus, keep in mind that your outreach (Outbound) doesn't always need to be used to SELL.

Instead, use your outreach (Outbound) to promote free events/products to add value to your prospects every once in a while.

So, ironically enough, you can use Outbound to promote your Inbound efforts.

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