Outwork Your Self-Doubt

linkedin prospecting tips sales Aug 12, 2022

Outwork your self-doubt. 

- Direct Message 70 people per day on LinkedIn instead of 30 
- Create 5 LinkedIn posts per week instead of 3
- Make 100 dials per day instead of 50
- Spend 2 hours creating higher-quality LinkedIn content instead of 1 hour 
- Study 3 hours each day for your securities exams instead of 1 hour

For most of us, we don't need a fancy "system" to grow our business and get rid of our self-doubt. 

We just need to do MORE. 

We need to EXECUTE more on a daily basis. 

Hint: The more you execute, the better you'll get at sales. Execution brings certainty, and certainty is part of why people are willing to buy from you. 

If you're feeling self-doubt, go reach out to 30 more new prospects, and feel free to let me know how you feel afterward. 

I bet you'll feel more confident because you did the work to make PROGRESS.

Want to see how our clients are contacting 1,100+ new people each month and are receiving a 54% response rate on LinkedIn? 

Yes I Do