Are You Playing The Short Game As A Financial Professional?

financial professional May 13, 2022

Many financial professionals are playing the short game.

Here's what I mean:

Rather than focus on building genuine relationships with prospects, many financial professionals aim to get someone interested to work with them after sending ONE single intro message.

⚫🔵 I'm going to tell you right now: 9 times out of 10, this will NOT get you ANY results.

Think about it...

If you're a financial rep, how do you feel when someone connects with you on LinkedIn and pitches you right away?

You probably aren't happy, and you resent the person on the other end of the Direct Messaging conversation for viewing you as a business transaction.

So, if you want to generate actual results...

• Give value first through education, referrals, giveaways, etc.
• Ask open-ended questions to better understand what your prospect is struggling with
• Accept the FACT that it'll take multiple touchpoints with a prospect to finally (hopefully) get them interested

And trust me, this isn't to say that I've always played the long game my entire career.

I haven't. And I'd be a lying hypocrite if I tried to tell you that I have.

But, from firsthand experience, I've realized that playing the short game is a losing game in sales.

If you want long-term success, play the long game.

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