Posting Content On LinkedIn Is An Asset For You

content creation financial professionals linkedin prospecting prospecting tips Oct 13, 2022

Posting content on LinkedIn is an asset for you.

Content is beneficial in ways such as:

• It allows prospects to learn about who you are which helps make your prospecting efforts easier (since you're not a complete stranger)
• It allows you to be seen as a credible professional by prospects so that you don't need to waste time proving yourself while on calls with them.
• You get to spend more time on calls figuring out how to solve your prospects' problem(s), as well as getting to them as a person

The list here could go on and on and on.

Keep in mind that if you're new to posting content on LinkedIn, you will most likely be PRETTY BAD, too, and that is 100% okay.

Before you're great, you need to be good. Before you are good, you'll be bad. Before you can be bad, you have to START.

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