Prepare For Your Sales Calls, And Stop "Winging It"

financial professionals linkedin lead generation online prospecting sales tips Nov 01, 2022
Prepare For Your Sales Calls, And Stop

Prepare for your sales calls, and stop "winging it".

Taking time to learn about your prospect both on a personal AND professional level shows a level of care that most salespeople don't have.

This level of care, in turn, grabs your prospects' attention & interest.

Before you get all freaked out about how long this will take, relax.

It should only take 5-10 minutes per prospect.

• 2-3 minutes to reread your previous LinkedIn Direct Message conversation (pick up on their tone, desired end-goal, etc.)
• 2-3 minutes to review all areas of their LinkedIn profile, as well as their website, if they have one (understand their background & experience)
• 1-4 minutes to jot down a few questions to ask your prospect during the call (YOU lead the conversation as the salesperson, NOT them)

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