Prospects No-show You When Your Prospecting Is Transactional

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Prospects No-show You When Your Prospecting Is Transactional

Prospects no-show you when your prospecting is transactional.

So just because your prospect says they're ready to schedule a call with you does NOT mean you SHOULD right away.

Before scheduling the call, find out:

• WHY they actually want to meet with you for a call
• WHAT your prospect is hoping to achieve from the call
• HOW they believe being on a call with you is worth their time

That last bullet point uncovers the real "secret" here - prospects WILL no-show scheduled calls with you if they believe meeting with you is a LOW priority.

They will schedule a call with you out of convenience, and then will bail on the call if any slight distraction arises IF they don't see the call as a value-add (HIGH priority).

The last thing you want to do is waste your TIME (your most valuable asset) by having an UNqualified sales call, too.

Get emotions involved to get your prospect excited to meet. If you don't get them excited, it's a 50/50 chance they never actually show up to your scheduled call.

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