Record That Sales Call

financial representative financial services sales tips Aug 31, 2022
Record That Sales Call

Record that sales call.

It might be the ONE thing holding you back.

• You've put in the work to prospect a lot of people on LinkedIn
• You've finally started to get prospects on an intro call
• You got over the fear of "asking" people to set up a next meeting

And yet... You still aren't closing much new business from LinkedIn.

• Perhaps it's because you're talking about yourself too much on the call
• Perhaps it's because you "chit chat" more than "talk business" on your calls
• Maybe you're annoying your prospect since you say "um" too much
• Maybe it's because you're just awkward (don't worry, this can be fixed)

The list goes on and on and on.

Regardless, if you aren't getting the best results you know you CAN be achieving, just record ONE of your sales calls and rewatch it.


Not 10. Not 50. Not 100.


Do it for yourself.


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