Sending Long Messages Back & Forth Can Be QUITE Inefficient

entrepreneurship linkedin prospecting sales Aug 18, 2022

"How about we jump on a call? Sending long messages back and forth can be QUITE inefficient (and ineffective)?"

I'm not sure how many times I've sent that message to a prospect.

And it works almost every single time.

So, why does it work so well?

Imagine I'm talking with a prospect, trying to figure out how much they use LinkedIn to source new clients and/or recruits.

Fortunately for me, they open up and start telling me more about their successes and failures when using LinkedIn.

Unfortunately for me, these conversations can get QUITE lengthy.

So, to compromise, I offer the previously stated question to get them on a call.

And notice that I don't ask this question right away.

I ask this AFTER we have already established a conversation, so it genuinely MAKES SENSE to schedule a call together to make the best use of our time.

Online prospecting is all about the TINY details.

Want to see how our clients are contacting 1,100+ new people each month and are receiving a 54% response rate on LinkedIn? 

Yes I Do