Is Social Media Prospecting Better Than Cold Calling?

cold calling financial advisor prospecting tips social media prospecting Jun 03, 2022

I get asked all the time, is social media prospecting better than cold calling?

The answer is, YES! 

The number one reason why social media is better than cold calling is because you're more likely to establish your brand!

Think about it...

When you cold call someone, even if you leave a voicemail, your prospect still needs to listen to what you had to say and then search for whatever you told them to look up in order to learn more about your business.

But with social media, they see your message right away, and with one click, they can look through your entire work & education history to learn a bit about who you are as a person.

I recently did a FREE webinar about how you can generate new business from LinkedIn prospecting without cold calling. It was full of tactical ideas. Check it out!

Let your branding do some of the heavy liftings for you.

Work smart AND hard.

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Yes I Do