Stop Sending Long Pitches

Feb 21, 2023
Stop Sending Long Pitches

Stop sending long pitches.

They don’t work.

And they’re too damn salesy.

Below is a situation I ran into lately.

I had a salesperson reach out to me weeks ago.

He messaged me saying, “Hey, real quick - a 3-second read, I promise.”

And then he went on to send 28 lines of text.

In other words, 12 sentences.

12 sentences that take 55 seconds to read, according to the Hemingway app.

55 seconds is 18x more time than he told me it would take.

Not only was he salesy, but he was also dishonest.

So he immediately lost my respect & trust, which is hard to earn back.

And he also damaged his reputation.

To avoid being like this salesperson, follow these two tips:

1. Mirror your prospect’s response length - if they send you a short message, keep your response short. If they send you a long message, you have permission to also send a long message.

2. If this is the first time reaching out to your prospect, you most likely have nothing to “mirror” off of. So, keep it short. If they respond with a long message, you THEN have permission to send a longer message.

Keep your pitches brief and be honest.

Pretty damn simple if you ask me.

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