Struggling To Close New Business By Yourself?

financial advisor prospecting tips sales Jun 17, 2022

Not very good at closing new business by yourself?

If so, this will help.

The first step in improving on ANYTHING in life is...


As you can see in this graphic, there are 4 quadrants in regard to your Ability to Sell.

Check out each and think about which quadrant you're currently in.

Keep in mind, that we move from one box to another depending on how stressed we are, the frequency of how many sales calls we've been doing the past few weeks, as well as many other factors.

Which quadrant do you think you're in?

1. Low awareness of self & Low awareness of others: You have no idea of your shortcomings, don't know much about others' wants & needs, and you're often pretty bad at sales.

2. High awareness of self & Low awareness of others: You're often a bit too focused on yourself (selfish), and are too focused on your own income rather than adding value to your prospect, so you might get a few sales here and there, but you're no expert.

3. Low awareness of self & High awareness of others: You often lack confidence & are insecure, and you want to help others, but don't have the conviction to do so. So, you struggle with closing new business regularly.

4. High awareness of self & High awareness of others: You know yourself very well, so although you know confidence and showing credibility are both helpful, you understand that sales is ALL about your prospect.

So, since you know what their pain points are and you care about helping your prospect, you close new business very frequently and you understand WHY you're able to close.

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