The Best Financial Advisors Aren't Experts At Finances

education entrepreneurship financial professionals financial services Oct 03, 2022
The Best Financial Advisors Aren't Experts At Finances

The best Financial Advisors aren't experts at finances.

They're experts at managing relationships.

They're Relationship Managers.

They aren't just competent about finances, they are WELL above-average at creating AND maintaining relationships.

They seek to understand their clients:

• Likes and dislikes
• Family dynamics
• Personality type
• Expectations for when the client wants to retire and how they want to
• Investment style preference

If you want to be successful in financial services, don't overlook the human relationship element.

That is arguably the most important part in obtaining a client and keeping that relationship for years and years.

Your prospects should be looked at more as a friend, rather than as a prospect for your business.

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