The Correct Strategy To Get A LinkedIn Connection On A Meeting With You

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The Correct Strategy To Get A Linkedin Connection On A Meeting With You

The correct strategy to get a LinkedIn connection on a meeting with you is NOT the same strategy you used to get your family/friend on a meeting.

To put it a different way:

Selling to a cold market is NOT the same as selling to a warm market!

As you can see in the image...

🔴 Warm Market:

  1. Set a meeting with family/friend 
  2. Learn about their wants & needs
  3. Give a detailed financial solution
  4. Close new business

🔵 Cold Market:

  1. Get a basic idea of the prospects' wants/needs from talking to them online
  2. Set a meeting based on a "problem" you found in the conversation which you can solve
  3. Get a more detailed view of the prospects' "problem" while on your call together
  4. Give a detailed financial solution
  5. Close new business

So what's the difference?

With a cold market, you do not have trust & rapport built up with your prospect. So, unlike your family/friend, a cold prospect isn't going to just do you a favor and get on a call to "help you out in your new business".

So, in the cold market process, there's an extra step.

But is this extra step worth it?

Yes, because the cold market is exponentially larger than your warm market.

The cold market leaves more room for trial & error without you "burning out", and it's a way for you to make a name for yourself and build your brand the way YOU want to build it without biases from your family & friends.

A lot of financial representatives don't clearly understand how warm market prospecting is different than cold market prospecting, so thank you to @layne Stafford for so clearly articulating it!

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