The Problem With LinkedIn Prospecting

entrepreneurship financial professional linkedin prospecting Aug 30, 2022
The Problem With LinkedIn Prospecting

The problem with LinkedIn prospecting is that people don't get started until they NEED the results.

• They NEED that next client
• They NEED that next recruit
• They NEED that additional income.

And that's why most of you never think LinkedIn prospecting works.

It's because you're rushing the damn process.

You can find new business on LinkedIn.

Just like how you can find new business on Instagram, Facebook, through Google Ads, TikTok, Twitter, etc.

But you NEED to go about prospecting the RIGHT way.

Start prospecting when you DON'T need to generate any results.

Focus on the relationship rather than what you get out of the relationship.

You're probably not far off from massive success. Switch up your approach.

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