The Wealthy Are Granular

Feb 28, 2023
The Wealthy Are Granular

The wealthy are granular.

They have extreme focus on the tiniest of details.

THIS is what creates their separation.

Therefore, their success.

• They don’t try to get everyone interested in their business. They aim to get the RIGHT people interested.

• They don’t copy & paste the same script to prospects to save time. They experiment with different scripts to figure out which is most EFFECTIVE.

• They don’t post to EVERY social media channel to grow their business. They get really good at ONE channel and double-down on that.

Becoming wealthy isn’t a “secret”.

There is no magic formula.

Wealth is built by consistently executing on the tiny details.

Wealth is NOT built by hopping on the “sexy new trend”.

Find what works, and continue to get better at that.

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