A Subtle "Hack" To Prospecting And You Probably Aren't Using It

financial services prospecting tips sales sales tips Nov 09, 2022
There's a subtle

There's a subtle "hack" to prospecting and you probably aren't using it.

And no, it's not some special "script".

It's humor.

We all laugh and joke around with friends and family, but then sometimes become "stiff" when talking to prospects.

But why?

Don't our prospects enjoy light-hearted humor just like our loved ones?

Yes, they sure do.

So keep things light, and bring humor into your prospecting as much as you can - it'll work more often than not.

Extra note: People don't like to work with salespeople who are too stiff, they want to work with a salesperson who they LIKE. And most people enjoy being around someone who can make them laugh (it brings out positive emotions)

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