Trying Something New, An Accountability Report

entrepreneurship sales tips success mindset Dec 23, 2022
Trying Something New, An Accountability Report

Trying something new, an accountability report.

They say the fear of failure is a good way to hold yourself accountable by sharing your goals/progress publicly, so let's give this a shot.

Numbers for 12/5/22 - 12/9/22:

1. LinkedIn DM Conversations with prospects: 201

2. "Asks" for "next steps" in LinkedIn DM Conversations: 158 (78.6%)

3. Calendly links sent to prospects: 3

4. Client Application Forms submitted: 2

5. Intro calls set: 4

6. Intro calls completed: 1

7. Closing calls set: 3

8. Closing calls completed: 4

9. Rescheduled calls: 1

10. Cancelled/no-show calls: 0

11. "Asks" for "next steps" on calls: 4 (80%)

12. New Business Closed: 1

Keep in mind, some numbers will fall into other weeks.

For example, an Intro call might be set this week, but won't be completed until next week.

If you have any other suggestions on numbers/stats I should be posting, feel free to recommend them.

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