Using Humor In Prospecting Is Underrated

Mar 13, 2023
Using Humor In Prospecting Is  Underrated

Using humor in prospecting is underrated.

Think about it - which salesperson would you rather talk to?

Option 1: the stiff, formal salesperson

Or Option 2: the funny, easygoing salesperson

Most likely the second option…

I’ve used humor in my prospecting over the past year and a half. And it has allowed me to create more authentic relationships with my prospects.

Prospects are now more transparent with me and show their imperfections. And they’re open with me because I’m willing to do the same with them.

I make jokes about the situation, as well as my own shortcomings which eases the tension.

Below are some tips to help out.

Say words like: haha, LOL, etc.

Use emojis like: 😂😅🤣

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