You Get What You Tolerate

education entrepreneurship financial advisor Aug 18, 2022

You get what you tolerate.

• Sick of prospects being rude to you? Make it clear that you won't tolerate it.

• Sick of having new team members quit on you? Ask them why they're willing to give up so easily.

• Sick of your friends doubting your financial services business? Create space from them for a while to create REAL success to SHOW them how serious your business is.

It's uncomfortable to put someone in their place.

It's uncomfortable to set expectations up front with new team members.

It's uncomfortable to clearly explain why your business is important to your friends.

But it's necessary.

If you don't set AND maintain your standards, people will continue to walk all over you.

If you're sick of something, stop allowing it.

It's as simple as that.

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