You Post Content To Be "Seen" By Your Prospects

content creation education financial representative linkedin prospecting Sep 09, 2022
You Post Content To Be

You post content to be "seen" by your prospects.

You reach out to your prospects to talk directly with them.

If you only post content, many people will never see your content, so they will have NO idea that you even exist.

If you only reach out directly to prospects, they might think you're annoying and block you (unless you're skilled at prospecting).

So, do both.

As in, post content AND reach out to your prospects directly.

When you do both, not only do you control the dialogue of the conversation since you're talking directly with the person, but the more you post content, the more your prospect will trust you (as long as it's quality content).

And if you're talking directly with a prospect who trusts you and you have something they're interested in, they are MUCH more likely to want to meet with you for a call than a complete stranger.

It's not easy being successful, but if you do the daily work, you'll set yourself apart.

If you're confused on HOW to implement this strategy of posting content plus direct outreach, shoot me a message.

Fortunately, I've gone through years of trial & error to distill this all down into simple concepts to teach you and make your life A LOT easier.

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