Can You Get More Meetings Without Giving Much Effort?

appointment setting business marketing sales May 13, 2022

I'm sure many of you read that and immediately wanted to know how to get more meetings without giving much effort.

The problem is that doesn't work.

What I mean by that first sentence is that you have a choice:

Either you try to find a simple way to get prospects


You put in the work to ACTUALLY get more meetings.

You don't HAVE TO choose the first option.

This is always a choice, and too many reps make the wrong one.

I hear way too many people saying that their content or brand will bring people to them. They assume that these simple marketing tactics will immediately pull them out of the hole that they're in.

To be real, those tactics don't work.

Even the rep that's been in your company for 40+ years doesn't have a bunch of people knocking down their door to meet. If they want more business, they have to put in the effort just like the new reps.

The only difference is that they have more clients to help them out.

I get it.

Having a way to get a bunch of easy business that just comes to you would be fantastic. Believe me, everyone in sales wants that.

If there was a solution like that, don't you think everyone would succeed in your industry?

80-90% of the people that leave your office are because of the fact that they can't get new meetings. And almost every one of those people has searched for the easy way to success.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that there's a simple solution to your problems. If you're focused on finding that way, you'll constantly be searching.

We may not have the simplest prospecting process that allows you to kick back and relax, but we blow every "easy" solution out of the water.

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