Done-For-You Service

We are a full-service outbound prospecting agency, and we utilize our internal prospecting processes, industry-leading marketing tools, and specialists to book qualified sales calls directly on your schedule week after week. 

You can spend hours prospecting each week with little or no results OR you could work with us and put all of your focus & efforts on actually closing


How It Works

  1. Complete Quote Form:  This allows us to get a better idea of how we can assist you.
  2. Book a Demo Call: Our Demo calls are to gauge whether or not it's a good fit, as well as show the process of how we can help you.
  3. Complete Payment & Schedule Onboarding Call
  4. Complete Onboarding Call: Our team will meet with you to set up everything you need to get you started with your prospecting started within 3-5 days.
  5. Ongoing Prospecting & Support: 
    • One of our team members will be responding to your LinkedIn DMs 4-5 days per week to create a steady pipeline of new qualified leads who will be scheduling calls on your calendar once they're ready to talk. 
      • We take care of the heavy lifting, and all you need to do is show up and close.  
    • Client Sequence Performance Reviews: Our team will be monitoring your lead generation account on a weekly basis to make sure you are achieving desired results of quality conversation rates, as well as make sure your sequence is not out of prospects to reach out to. 

Done-For-You Prospecting

For those who are too busy to prospect on LinkedIn & just want meetings booked on their calendar

  • LinkedIn Premium to keep your account in good standing (value of $650/year)
  • Automated Outreach on LinkedIn
  • Onboarding Strategy Call
    • Clarifying Target Market + LinkedIn Profile Optimization + Requesting to be Admitted into Certain LinkedIn Groups (for prospecting) + Setting up Lead Generation Account + Setting Up LinkedIn Outreach Sequences + Refining Outreach Scripts + Setting Up Free CRM Tool, Along with Integrating it with Lead Generation Software
    • Analyzing LinkedIn Outreach Results
  • Access to Our Content Library Area That Contains Video & Text Content to Help With Online Prospecting 
  • Weekly Prospecting Results Monitoring
  • (whenever necessary) Our Team Adjusting LinkedIn Outreach Sequences 
  • We Hire, Train, and Manage an Assistant That'll Be Working for You to...
    • Book Meetings Directly on Your Calendar 
    • Respond to Your LinkedIn Direct Messages (DMs)
    • Create Follow Up Reminders in Your CRM Tool
    • Follow Up with Prospects (whenever necessary)
  • (if desired) Additional Add-Ons
    • Complete sales & marketing strategy plan
      • Sales system specific to your business
      • Step-by-step playbook on how to grow a follower base that you can monetize
      • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) tool workflows to automate more of your sales & marketing
      • Content created for you specifically to post to your social media channels, such as LinkedIn, as well as our team posting the content for you
    • Additional Guidance
      • Sales & Marketing Coaching (weekly/monthly)