Independence Has a Price Tag. Do You Want Cheap or Do You Want Quality?



Build your Financial Advising business the right way. Leverage LinkedIn Prospecting and effective Content Creation to be seen as a Financial Advising authority on social media.



 What You Get With Our Done-With-You Service


We don't just help you get in contact with the right prospects on LinkedIn (Outbound Marketing), we also help you create high-quality content to be seen as a financial expert by your prospects (Inbound Marketing). To learn more about how we've helped other Financial Advisors, visit our "Client Results" dropdown. 


Benefits of the Software

  • Automate sending LinkedIn Invites and LinkedIn follow-up Messages
    • Start new conversations without lifting a finger, as well as stay near the top of your prospects' LinkedIn Inbox 
  • Collect and use analytics (data) to measure prospecting results  
    • See real-time numbers on your LinkedIn Invites, Acceptance rates, and Response rates to get a better idea of how to improve your scripts over time 
  • Automatically collect your prospects' contact information
    • Integrate your CRM so that your prospects' LinkedIn contact info automatically flows into your CRM tool to make use of 


Benefits of our LinkedIn Expertise

We teach you how to prospect, market, and sell on LinkedIn through our:

  • Content Library
    • This is an online library with 46+ lessons on topics such as: Prospecting Scripts, Open-Ended Questions to Ask Prospects, Content Creation, What to Do Once You’re on the Sales Call, and much more.  
  • Weekly group coaching calls
    • We know that you'll have some VERY specific questions that our Content Library won't answer, as well as it'd be a lot to type out over Slack or Email, so we offer these group calls as an opportunity for you to ask as many questions as needed to get you back on the right path. 
  • Slack Community
    • Some of our group Slack channels
      • Prospecting Tips - As the name shows, if you have ANY questions about LinkedIn prospecting that you want to ask to our team and/or other clients, this is the place to be!
      • Content Engagement - here is where clients share their social media posts for all other clients to engage with. This is a great way to help your LinkedIn content gain "traction". 
      • Content Creation Resources - Whether you aren't sure of how frequently to post on social media, aren't sure what type of content to be sharing on social media, or just want direct feedback on some of your posts, this is the perfect channel to use to become a better content creator as a Financial Advisor on LinkedIn
    • 1-on-1 direct feedback to any questions you have over Slack (messaging app) and/or email 
      • We will literally tell you, word for word, what to say back to prospects if you're unsure of how to respond. 


What else do we do FOR you?

  • Refine your LinkedIn profile to make sure more prospects WANT to talk with you
  • Define & narrow down on 1-2 ideal Target Markets that are best for you to prospect on LinkedIn
  • Develop high-quality & personalized scripts so your LinkedIn automated outreach doesn't "feel" automated
  • Set up all of your tech integrations (with LinkedIn + your CRM) so that you don't have to 
  • Help you optimize your scheduling link, such as a Calendly link, to make sure prospects actually book calls with you AND show up to the meetings
  • Review your automated outreach twice per week (Mondays and Thursdays) and create new outreach sequences for your account when...
    • Your existing outreach sequence runs out of ideal prospects to target
    • Your Acceptance rate on Invites being sent is too low
    • Your Response rate on Invites being sent is too low 
  • Review one of your sales calls
    • Highly-detailed & tactical feedback to help you better understand your blindspots on sales calls 


To summarize, we help you in two ways:

  1. Prospecting - Automating your LinkedIn outreach to fill your pipeline completely full of qualified leads
    • All we expect from you is to show up regularly and respond to your LinkedIn Direct Messages (DMs), ask questions & be coachable, and be patient. 
  2. Content Creation - Give you all needed resources & assistance to help you be seen on LinkedIn as a competent Financial Advisor
    • All we expect from you is to be dedicated to the long-term process of being an effective content creator, and ask as many questions as you need in order to, over time, get a "feel" for what kind of quality content you should be posting.   

Frequently Asked Questions



Do We Offer a Guarantee?


Yes. If we don't generate at least 400 new leads for you on LinkedIn within your first 120 days of working with us, we'll work with you free of charge until we do.


Will Our Service Work For You?


LinkedIn prospecting works. There is no question about that. So, our service WILL work for you IF:

  1. You are willing to respond to your LinkedIn DMs each week
  2. You communicate with our team on a weekly basis to ask us questions and for feedback. We know how to help, but only if you ask for help.
  3. You don't need to generate income within the first 2 months.
    • LinkedIn prospecting works, but the process can't be rushed, so focusing on immediate income is the wrong approach.


What If Our Service Doesn't Work For You?


Truthfully, that's most likely your fault.

  • Any clients who are satisfied with their results ALWAYS:
    1. Respond to their LinkedIn Direct Messages (DMs) regularly
    2. Talk with our team on a weekly basis
    3. Join in our group calls 
  • The only unhappy clients we've had:
    1. Don't respond to their LinkedIn DMs
    2. Go months without talking to our team
    3. Don't join our group coaching calls

We are ALL about accountability, but we can't fix lazy.


Is There Proof That Our Service Works?


Definitely. Feel free to check out any of the below links to see how we've been able to help many of our financial advisor clients.


How Is Our Process Different From What You've Tried Before?


  • We do not "sell leads" like a lot of marketing firms.
    • As you've noticed, most of those "qualified leads", bluntly, suck.
  • Transparency is one of our TOP values.
    • We're so focused on transparency that we'd rather come across as rude, instead than lie to you, if that tells you anything.
  • We ONLY work with Financial Advisors. 
  • We practice what we preach.
    • Our process, which works, that we've taught to clients is the SAME one we've used to build a multiple six-figure business. Some of our clients have gotten so many new prospects that they have wanted to stop their outreach.


Why Should You Trust Our Company?


Honesty is, literally, one of the 3 core values we have as a business. Without honesty, you have nothing, and lying leads to a world of insanity. We're all about transparency, so if you want to know an answer, ask us.

  • Hell, even ask our clients if you don't trust us yet. And, if it helps, we're honest enough to admit that we aren't even making $1 Million/year yet, so that's something.


Will It Take A Lot Of Your Time/Effort?


After you complete your payment, the onboarding process will only take you about 1.5 hours of your time.

After the onboarding process, it'll take you 3-4 hours per week, to respond to LinkedIn Direct Messages (DMs) and do follow-ups in your CRM tool.

  • If you have an assistant working for you, you'll only need to take about an hour each week to check-in with them and answer questions. We will take care of training your assistant to respond to your LinkedIn Direct Messages (DMs) effectively.