the action or process of investing money for profit or material result.

You Are Your Best Investment

Scale Your Client Acquisition

Are You Open to a Better Method?

The Outdated Method


Reliant on Your Warm Market

  • A major reason why turnover in financial services is around 90%

Lacking a Proven Process

  • You lack a proven process for bringing in new business. So you hope the friends & children of your clients hire you.

Running Your Entire Business

  • Trying to do everything all on your own, such as texting/emailing with clients 24/7
    • Which keeps you from ever completely relaxing

Expecting to Coast

  • Hoping you can take your foot off the gas once you get to a certain AUM size with your book of business

Price-Based Thinking

  • You're afraid of losing money, so you don't invest in marketing. And yet, you expect to be able to still compete with other advisors who are hiring professionals.

The Modern Method


Uses Social Media AND Warm Market

  • Both can be quite effective depending on how they're used

Follows a Proven Process

  • You have a proven process for bringing in new business from social media. So, your income doesn't suffer from a lack of referrals.

Delegating & Automating Work

  • Hiring an assistant & marketing service to handle most (or all) of your sales & marketing work
    • Which finally gives you peace of mind

Keep Marketing

  • There is always a risk of client churn, so you should always be prospecting to bring in new business.

Results-Based Thinking

  • Hiring the right professional can save you months & years of hard work because they know what to do. It's a waste of your time to try and do it all on your own.

Done-With-You Service 



Would you rather do more?

Improve your LinkedIn profile & brand to be more credible to your ideal target market

Define the best target market for you to prospect on LinkedIn & find the best ways to reach them

Develop personalized scripts so your LinkedIn automated outreach doesn't "feel" automated

Collect your prospects' contact information and add it to your Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Track & adjust your LinkedIn outreach every 1-2 weeks (running out of prospects, etc.)

Figure out how to use our 7-Steps to Guaranteed LinkedIn Prospecting Success process

Respond to your LinkedIn Direct Messages to get meetings set with prospects

Learn how to get LinkedIn prospects interested enough to want to meet with you 

Figure out exactly what to say when you're unsure of how to respond to a prospect

 Or less?

Respond to your LinkedIn Direct Messages on your own. Or have our team train your assistant on how to respond for you.




What Makes Us Different?








What Working Together Looks Like 




You Decide How to Pay


Don't forget our guarantee: if we don't generate at least 400 new leads for you on LinkedIn within your first 120 days of working with us, we'll work with you free of charge until we do.

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One-Time Payment


  • $7,000 one-time payment
  • Covers your first 12 months
  • No refunds

Upfront + Monthly


  • $3,500 for your first month
  • Only $399 each month after
  • No contract, no refunds

Monthly Contract


  • $625/mo for first 12 months, then only $399/mo each month after
  • 12-month contract, no refunds

Pay For Performance


We do all of your prospecting work for you, such as responding to your LinkedIn DMs, booking calls for you, and doing your follow-ups. All you need to do is show up to the calls we schedule and close the new business.

Payment Terms


  • $500/qualified lead - YOU help us decide what a "qualified" lead is
  • $500 upfront deposit - to ensure a base level commitment to working together  
  • Minimum spend of $2,000/mo
  • No refunds
  • The invoice is sent to you on the last day of each month based on the number of qualified meetings we set for you. Your payment is due within 3 business days of the invoice being sent 

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